bargain hunter: oxford shoes

so, i know i’m the bajillionth girl to say this, but…i really love shopping at forever 21!  i always find something, whether it’s a chic accessory or some $3 leggings or a cute top for going out.

i found these oxford shoes for only $22.80 and i just couldn’t resist.  the pointy toe, the cross between masculine and feminine, the surprise of how comfortable they were, the color, the price…it all spoke to me.  and they kind of remind me of a witch’s shoe (which i love, by the way!).

here are some other great deals i found:

~ turtleneck knit in all different colors.

~ loving this flowy dress!

~ these are hot right now: skinny cargo pants.

~ basketweave sandals for next summer (the best time to shop for summer stuff  is in the fall!).

~ a headband perfect for the holidays.

-jillian m.

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