bargain hunter: no haggling necessary

flea markets are usually hit or miss.  and when i went to one held by a church in the neighborhood, i really wasn’t expecting much.  maybe some worn shoes, old china, vhs tapes…

well, they did have those things. and then some.  i was shocked to discover rows upon rows of all sorts of wonderful (and cheap) goodies!  here’s what I bought:

  • nail polish – $1
  • the second and third book in the harry potter series (i have the first one that i have yet to read.  i hear they’re amazing!) – $0.50 each
  • five people you meet in heaven (the book) – $0.25
  • six packs of trident gum – $1
  • two books for bobby – $0.25 each

total = $3.75

i probably could have bought way more, but sometimes you have to restrain yourself from buying things that will eventually become clutter.  

as you can see, i love getting deals and since bargain-hunting is something i do every so often (and i’m good at it, thankyouverymuch), you’ll probably see some more great finds from me in the future! 

-jillian m.

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