vanessa’s dumplings

i read somewhere that vanessa’s dumpling house has the best dumplings in new york city.  i looooove dumplings, so obviously i had to try them. 

there’s not much to say about the ambiance of the place…it’s small, crowded and dim with limited seating.  but the food was amazing and very filling.  i ordered boiled veggie dumplings and a sesame pancake the size of a slice of pizza (it was crisp and tasty on the outside, fluffy on the inside).  bobby ordered delicious fried pork and chive dumplings (which are said to be a favorite among fans) and the fried pork buns. since there were no seats, we carried our takeout to a nearby park and munched on an empty bench.

oh, and the prices? unbelievably cheap!  here’s what we spent on lunch, not including drinks and tax:

  • chive and pork fried dumplings: 4 for $1
  • vegetable boiled dumplings: 7 for $3
  • sesame pancake: $0.75
  • pork fried buns: 3 for $1

total = $5.75.  yup…for real.

-jillian m.

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