Levain cookies, recreated

remember those awesome cookies from Levain Bakery i told you about in this blog post?  well…i (kind of sort of) recreated the recipe (translation: i did my best to create the yummy magic of Levain cookies with this simple mock recipe i found).

ok, so it wasn’t as “epic” as i wanted it to be, but that’s ok!  there were lessons learned and there are things to be improved for next time (more chocolate chunks, definitely.  perhaps add some vanilla extract?).  and by the way, i’m very open to suggestions for making the cookies less crumbly and more moist! 

with that being said, these cookies were very good.  yes, they looked like scones (or biscuits), but they tasted like warm, home-baked cookies (duh).  a bit crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. 

 the flour, butter, sugar, eggs and chocolate chunks come together.  sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands
 big chunks of cookie dough that i’d love to eat as is
 hot out of the oven…

-jillian m.

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