last days of summer: point pleasant

it may be the last time i get to go to the beach this year (tear).  and to be honest, i never set foot on the sand so i’m not even sure it counts as “going to the beach”.  we did the boardwalk thing.  bob is not a big fan of walking the boardwalk, but i really love it.  greasy food, tiki bars, shops selling cheap Jersey shore hoodies and salty sea air.  what’s not to love?

oh…and arcade games.  i could actually dedicate a whole other blog post to our (translation: my) competitiveness when it comes to air hockey (or any game, for that matter).   we had some pretty fierce rounds .  the puck paced back and forth at ninety miles an hour…we got sweaty…we pulled arm muscles…it went down.

-jillian m.

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