hello fall!

it’s here.  and instead of whining about the end of shorts weather, i have decided to embrace the change!  how very un-taurus of me.  things i’m looking forward to: pumpkin-picking, cozy sweaters, halloween, pretty scarves, hot apple cider at the flea market, my knee-high riding boots, flannel, crunchy leaves and cool breezes.

what’s your favorite thing about autumn?

-jillian m.

[photos: 1-josep ma. rosell, 2-stacy bass, 3-lori]

4 responses to “hello fall!”

  1. carlotta says:

    such beautiful photos! i'm with you…i was *definitely* whining about summer being over, but i, too, have decided to accept the new season with open arms. i love the cooler weather of fall (such a relief after the sweltering days of summer!), the beautiful colors, the delicious smells…now i'm really in the mood for fall 😉

  2. Stevie says:

    I love the early fall days when it's still sunny and warm during the day, but cool at night. I love fall colors and fall fashion and I love making stews and soups!

  3. {lovely little things} says:

    I love fall!

  4. donna says:

    even though the calendar says fall, the past two days have been like summer. can't wait for cooler weather.

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