fancy comfort food

the Chat Noir is a cozy little bistro just off Madison avenue where we decided to eat.  when we first walked in, i noticed nine out of ten people were over the age of forty-five and dressed in suits or sheath dresses.  and here i am in my skinny jeans and chucks…

thankfully, none of the staff treated us any differently from the other patrons, so it was easy to relax and enjoy our lunch.  bob ordered the black cat burger, which was this plump patty smothered in melted Vermont cheddar cheese and topped off with a sun-dried tomato.  since i ‘m obsessed with cheeses and pastas, naturally i went for the ravioli du royan.  it was possibly one of the richest and most amazing pastas i’ve ever tried.  it was this tiny ravioli (i love miniature foods!), stuffed with ricotta and baked in a blend of gruyere and comte cheeses.  my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  it’s probably a bad idea to write about food while starving.

 i would definitely love to go back. but maybe next time i’ll know to wear a nice pair of shoes.

-jillian m.

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